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Your face, body is someone else’s, AI is playing such ‘dirty games’, this video is living proof, stay safe


It cannot even be estimated how fast technology is progressing. In today’s time, any work can be done by machine in a jiffy. However, everything has a right and wrong side and the same is happening with Artificial Intelligence. Any technology is developed so that its use helps us move forward or makes things easier. But today’s times are such that before the correct use of technology, it starts being misused. Deepfakes are being executed by Artificial Intelligence.

Actually, a video is going viral very fast on social media in which actress Rashmika Mandanna is allegedly shown entering a lift, but this video has been identified as deepfake. Actually, its original video features British-Indian woman Zara Patel. Let us tell you that a few days ago Zara Patel herself uploaded her video on Instagram.

A closer look at the video shows that there is a smooth transition from Patel’s face to Rashmika’s when she tries to get out of the closing lift door. If you notice, in the first second the head of the actress is not placed on the body of Zara in the original video.

But this happens so smoothly that a common user will not be able to easily understand this transition. That’s why deepfakes were also ignored for the first time for about a month. It was posted online on October 8.

Now the question is, what is deepfake and how can it be avoided?
In today’s time, Artificial Intelligence has become so high-tech that anyone can create a deep fake (false photo) from your photo in a few minutes. The term deep fake means such pictures or videos in which your face and body will be visible, but in reality they are not you. It is also used a lot in porn videos, where someone else’s face is superimposed on someone else’s body. The scary thing is that someone else’s face is superimposed in the entire video, and it becomes very difficult to recognize.

For example, if you have a photo, your face can be swapped with the body of a celebrity. The person looking at the photo will think that it is you in the photo, but in reality the body belongs to someone else. It is made so easily with Artificial Intelligence that no one can understand that it is edited.

How to keep yourself safe?
To create a deep fake of any person, 5 or more photographs of that person are required. Then Artificial Intelligence studies these pictures and stores them in the form of software. In such a situation, one thing you can do is to remove your photos from social media, or remove them from public and make them private. In this way your photos can be protected from misuse.

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