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There are 2 microphones available in smartphones, users do not know about the use of both.


Smartphone Microphone: While buying a smartphone, users definitely know about RAM, processor, display, screen, resolution and other things, but they never try to know in detail about the most important and vital part of the smartphone, the microphone. If you are also thinking of buying a new smartphone, then you must know about it, because without a microphone you can neither talk on the smartphone nor know about the voice coming from the other side. Therefore, we have brought for you here information about the microphone found in smartphones.

Delivers voice to users

Now let’s talk about the working of both microphones. Let us tell you that every smartphone has a very small hole at the bottom. A mic is kept inside it. It is always near our lips so that it can catch our voice immediately. This mic transmits our voice to the other user.

makes less noise

Whereas, the second microphone is above near the ear. Sound does not come out from this mic, in such a situation the thought comes in the mind that when it does not make sound, has it worked? So let us tell you that the mic near the ear blocks the noise around you.

are active together

It is noteworthy that when you talk on the phone, both the mics are active simultaneously. The lower mic recognizes your voice and the upper mic detects the surrounding noise. Both voices reach the software of the smartphone. Here your smartphone very smartly eliminates the noise coming from the upper microphone. This process is called nice cancellation.

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