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Your phone will spit out everything as soon as you enter this secret code, you can check everything from camera to battery health.


New Delhi. Remember, till a few years ago, to check the balance of our phone, we had to dial a code which started with * or #. Their use ended with time. But do you know that there are still many such secret codes which can bring out the hidden information in your phone in a jiffy. These secret codes are very helpful. These codes give you many important information about your smartphone.

There are 2 types of secret codes in Android
These two types of secret codes are Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) and Main Machine Interface (MMI). USSD is a carrier specific code which gives you information about the network carrier. Whereas, MMI is model and brand specific. In such a situation, USSD gives information about SIM card balance and services and MMI gives information related to the software and hardware of the smartphone.

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With the help of these secret codes, you can know whether your call, data or number has been forwarded to any other number.

With the help of this code, you can find out whether your phone’s display, speaker, camera, sensor is working properly by dialing your phone or not.

This code tells the SAR value of your phone. With its help you can get information about the radiation emanating from the phone. The essence value should be less than 1.6.

With the help of this code you can find out the unique IMEI number of your phone. This IMEI number is needed in case the phone is lost.

You can know the information about your smartphone’s battery, internet, WiFi with this secret code.

You can know the camera information of the phone with this code. From this code you will also know whether the camera is working properly or not.

If you type this code, your smartphone will be reset. Keep in mind that the phone’s data may be lost after resetting. In such a situation, before entering this code, save the data somewhere.

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