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This technology will save money on flight tickets and hotels! You will meet people miles away while sitting at home


At present, if we have to make a video call with someone, we use WhatsApp, Google Meet, Zoom. But now such new technology has emerged, with the help of which one can be present there even without going anywhere. In fact, India mobile Congress 2023 was organized in India last week. Here a special technology 5G Holographic Communication was offered. This is 5G enabled technology, in which transmission can be done virtually.

In simple language, if you want to hold a conference in another country, then you can connect with 1000 people simultaneously without going there, and can also talk live with the people present there.

With the help of this technology, users will be able to enjoy 5G holographic communication. This means that you will not only be able to transmit live video, you will also be able to listen to the people present there and respond.

Amit Sethi, Head of 5G Solutions, has given information about this in an exclusive interview given to the news station at IMC 2023. He told that if there is a class teacher then he can meet the children of his class even at his home and give lecture. The experience is so smooth that it does not seem as if the person is not present at that place.

How does Holographic Communication work?
For holographic communication, the user must have a capture studio and a holocube at another location. It was told that earlier holograms had pre-recorded videos, but now live connection can be done. Besides, live conversation can also be done through this.

In holographic communication, live video feed is sent and with the help of 2-way communication, it is transmitted virtually to any human body, improving the uploading speed and latency of 5G, making it appear that the person is physically present. At present, no information has been given about the availability and price of this technology. But if this technology comes in the future, there will be huge savings for the companies.

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