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Fake News Detection Google launches 3 new tools to stop fake news, everything from images to news will be checked here.


Fake News Identification Rumors and fake news are growing rapidly on Google and social media these days. Because of which people fall victim to misunderstanding and because of this it often encourages violence. To prevent this, Google has shared some tips through which users can check any fake news, images or sources themselves.

Google recently launched a photo fact check feature, after which you can easily identify fake photos that have gone viral on social media. With this tool you can know everything about the image.

1. History of Photography

You’ll be able to see when an image or similar images were first viewed through a Google search and whether they’ve previously been published on other webpages. It can be helpful if an image is taken out of context and shared with a current event

2. How other sites use and describe images

You can see how the image is used on other pages and what other sources like news and fact-checking sites are saying about it. This information can be helpful in evaluating claims made about images and looking at evidence and perspectives from other sources.

3. Image metadata

You’ll be able to see the metadata – when available – that image creators and publishers have added to an image, including fields that indicate whether it was created or enhanced by AI. All Google AI-generated images will have this markup in their original file.

how to use

Google explains through its official website that you can access this tool by clicking the three dots on an image in Google Images results or by clicking “About this image” in search results. We’ll be adding more ways to access it in the coming months.

In addition to this, Google provides a tool on social media posts in Google Fact Check Explorer that allows users to search for fact checks. Let’s see how it is used

– Search for ‘Google Fact Check Explorer’ in Google Search.

– A dialog box will appear: enter the keywords related to the social media post you want to search, you will also get a language option when you search related words.

– This tool lets you know whether the posts you get on various social media platforms are genuine.

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