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Elon Musk company XAI launches Grok, a generative AI model to check availability and interoperability with ChatGPT


xAI, the company of the world’s richest man Elon Musk, has launched its first large language AI model, Grok. Grok means to understand something easily. Musk had long wanted to launch an AI model that gives true and accurate information. He also mentioned TruthGPT. Working in this direction, his company has launched this AI tool. This AI tool was created by a group of engineers who have worked on other major generative AI models like Open AI, Google and Deep Mind.

Elon Musk said in an X post that xAI’s Grok is ‘maximal-curious’ and ‘truth-curious’ compared to other language models. Musk said that his tool tells the truth to the users. He also said that Grok requires substantial computing resources and is designed as a helpful tool for people and businesses. Elon Musk has claimed his AI tool to be the best among existing language models. That is, he has described it as better than Chat GPT and Google’s Bard.

How is CHAT different from GPT?

In Grok you get access to real time information whereas this is not the case with Open AI’s Chat GPT. It is being said that this tool will give real time news updates to the users in which there will be no business. Additionally, the generative AI model has been trained to include some humor with a hint of sarcasm in its responses and is also voice-ready. That means it will give you information through voice also.

Chatbot has been trained with Twitter data

The model of Elon Musk’s company xAI is based on an 886.03GB knowledge base named Grok ‘The Pile’. Besides, it has also been trained with X’s data. The company has said that in the coming days, users will also get the facility of image generation, voice recognition and photos in this chatbot.

these people will get

xAI’s Grok system is currently in beta stage and will soon be available to X Premium+ customers priced at Rs 1,300 per month.

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