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elon musks xai will launch its first AI product today check details here. Elon Musk will make a blast today, is going to launch the first AI product, know what will be special


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Elon Musk will launch AI product

The world’s richest man Elon Musk always remains in the headlines. Musk is going to launch his first AI product today. He had posted about this on X a day ago i.e. yesterday. In his post he had said that on Saturday the company will launch AI products for some users. Musk also said that his product will be completely different from the AI ​​products currently available in the market.

Elon Musk is planning to compete with popular chatbots like Chat GPT and Google Bard with his AI product. Let us tell you that Musk’s XAI company was launched in March. Now a website of this company has also become live. According to the information received from the website, XAI has many ex-employees who have worked in companies like Google, Microsoft and are working on new products of XAI.

Musk is not happy with the current AI product

In the world of technology, Musk is always thinking of doing something new, that is why he keeps launching new products. Musk wants to create a device that tells the complete truth. They are not very happy with the AI ​​products and chatbots currently available in the market because they believe that the current AI products do not match the human touch and their goals.

Let us tell you that ever since Elon Musk took charge of Twitter i.e. X, he has been continuously in the headlines on social media. Till now he has made dozens of changes on Twitter. They want to make X a platform which is perfect in every way in which almost all the tasks of the users can be completed.

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