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Government may amend IT Rules 2021 with these 3 new rules, check what they are


IT Rules 2021: You must have seen on social media by now how AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence is being misused. Videos are going viral by superimposing someone else’s face on someone’s photo and wrongdoings are also being carried out. Now frauds are also being done through AI tools. The Indian government has been working continuously for the last several months to prevent misuse of AI. Now the government is going to make some changes in the IT Rules 2021. Some new rules are being added for AI companies so that they can also be brought under the ambit of the rules and if something wrong is done with the help of AI, then the person concerned can be arrested quickly.

The Government of India can make three major amendments in the upcoming Digital India Bill. Currently work is being done on these which are still in the draft phase.

3 changes

  • Business-free AI tools: In the new rule, the government is bringing a policy of business-free for such platforms which train themselves on large language models. That means neutral information will have to be given in every subject. If such platforms provide wrong or biased information then the government will not launch them in the open. That means such platforms will not be launched in the public domain.
  • New rules for deepfakes: In the new rules, rules for deepfakes will also be brought. The government will bring new laws to check deepfake content and remove it from the platform. All companies will have to follow this.
  • Strict laws for loan apps: The government is also going to make strict laws to protect the general public from loan apps. The government can use whitelisted apps or banking gateways.

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