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YouTube stops supporting ad blocker will have to take subscription plan for ad free videos. Ad blocker will no longer work on YouTube, users will have to take paid subscription


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YouTube subscription plan is very cheap in India.

If you also watch videos on the video streaming platform YouTube and are troubled by the advertisements appearing on it, then your problems are going to increase. We are saying this because YouTube has made a big change in its platform which users will not like at all. YouTube has now disabled the ad blocker in its platform.

After this step of YouTube, now you will not be able to block ads on the platform through ad blocker. This clearly means that now you will have to watch videos on YouTube along with advertisements. After the end of ad blocker support on YouTube, users are now left with only two options. Users either take a paid subscription to block ads or watch the video with ads.

Company sent notification

Let us tell you that there is a huge number of people who were watching ad free videos on YouTube for free by using ad blocker but YouTube is not a free platform. If you don’t want ads then you have to take a subscription. The company has also sent a notification to those users who were watching videos using Ad Blocker.

Let us tell you that the price of one month subscription plan for ad free service in YouTube is Rs 139. If you choose the auto renew option then you will get this plan for Rs 129. If you choose 3 months plan then you will have to spend Rs 399. Whereas if you choose annual plan then you will have to pay Rs 1290.

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